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Help a brother out
I have a beautiful 18K Chronmoeter that just return from a service. If you happen to have a friend who collect them could you please give them my email address?

Thx, Butch

We are always interested in hearing from Zodiac watch owners. 
There is a Forum to discuss Zodiac watches, vintage Zodiac watch ads, a Gallery of vintage Zodiacs and more.   The website owner, Butch Dunn is the world wide expert on the Zodiac brand, pre-Fossil and widely known as the brand historian. 

Per legal agreement with the current brand owners, you will find nothing
here on any post 2000 Genender owned Zodiacs. Please do not post any
questions or pictures on the current Fossil made Zodiac models which begin
with ZO in the forum as they will be deleted and go unanswered. BUT... If
you want to discuss Vintage Zodiacs we welcome you!

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